Jeremy and Kenn Interview Tim Challies about his project Epic, about how to discern primary from secondary issues, and the need to stay away from so-c...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn talk the areas where they are not in 100% agreement as they seek to demonstrate how two Christians can disagree and yet get along and ...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn Interview Tom Ascol about current issues within the SBC and the culture at large, including social Justice and the BLM movement.   Mus...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn discuss other approaches to theological triage and what makes their chart and approach unique.   Music: 2018 Stefan Kartenberg License...View Details

This conversation is all about the biases we have when approaching conversations about God and the Bible. Jeremy Howard and Jaxon Washburn discuss the...View Details

Jeremy asks Jaxon what's at stake for Evangelicals who reject the restored gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Jeremy asks Jaxon why so many Latter-day Saints seem to want to be viewed as just another denomination within traditional Christianity.

Jeremy asks Jaxon how Joseph Smith understood Protestant church history.

In the third installment of this conversation, Jaxon asks Jeremy his thoughts about the documentary hypothesis of the Torah.

Jeremy reads the latest article from his website,

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