Ever heard anybody talk about tertiary doctrine? It's that "third level" stuff. Does Scripture warrant such a category? Jeremy and Kenn discuss! The C...View Details

Jeremy walks through the Christian response to God when we perceive that He has rejected our petitions and requests. From JeremyHoward.net.

Kenn and Jeremy continue the conversation about doctrine that is rightly deemed "secondary." This is the best episode yet. Really. The Chart: https://...View Details

Kenn responds to NT Wright's recent comments about the Coronavirus.

Kenn and Jeremy discuss what's not primary, yet also not tertiary. Secondary doctrine must be developed and understood through the lens of Scripture a...View Details

Kenn and Jeremy continue their discussion about primary doctrine -- the foundational teachings of Christianity. The Chart: https://drive.google.com/fi...View Details

Kenn shares some insights regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and similar catastrophes. How should the Christian consider these things? What does the Bibl...View Details

Let's talk about the chart. Kenn and Jeremy dive into primary doctrine -- the foundational teachings of Christianity. The Chart: https://drive.google....View Details

Jeremy walks through the recent "deconstruction" stories shared by famous YouTubers, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. To read the article in full and c...View Details

Jeremy shares his perspective on the culture's efforts to generate diversity, over and against the diversity that already exists within Christianity. ...View Details

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