Jeremy and Kenn talk through three of the presuppositions mentioned in Part 1 of the hermeneutics series: that the Scriptures are clear, authoritative...View Details

We had one of our listeners on the show to share how he came to faith in Christ, how he came to listen to our show, and how the chart has been helpful...View Details

We had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Aniol at the G3 Conference last week to talk about his role with G3 and what the main takeaways should...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn talk about issues in hermeneutics with Dr. Darrell Bock, including how we ought to read the text, where we look for the meaning in a t...View Details

Bible Interpretation Series | Part 1 What is hermeneutics? Why does it matter? Is choosing a hermeneutic arbitrary? Are there any clues in Scripture t...View Details

Paul Nurnburg and Matthew Eklund of the Outer Brightness Podcast join Jeremy for a deep dive into their former mindset, processed and evaluated now th...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn announce the future of our podcast at Do Theology as we get things ready for exciting new things! Be sure to subscribe!

Several Weeks back Jeremy Howard guest hosted at the Key Radio station in Provo, Utah. The topic of the day was prayer, and we thought it was a show w...View Details

Here are five things Kenn has learned in one year of open-air preaching. This article was originally posted on Kenn's personal website https://kennchi...View Details

These have been a lot of fun. We hope you've enjoyed them. If you're listening to this before midnight EDT on 7/29 there is time to vote at https://fa...View Details

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