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Listen in as Jeremy debates Benjamin Speed on the topic "Is God the Standard of Morality?" Audio courtesy of The Gospel Truth Podcast and YouTube chan...View Details

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In part one, Jeremy informed us of some of the most common objections that Mormons have regarding Christianity. In Part two, Jeremy teaches us how to ...View Details

Jeremy was in Kansas in November speaking on Mormonism and objections Mormons have to the Christian faith. Listen to part one of his lectures as he di...View Details

Listen to "Answering Mormon Objections Part 1" before listening to this! This Q&A session followed that lecture and in it Jeremy responds to quest...View Details

Jeremy's much anticipated annual Christian Music Review: Matt Merker's Website: https...View Details

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Jeremy reads an article from his personal website    Jeremy references Episode 5 from Season 1 (Secondary Doctrine Part Two) ...View Details

In this offseason episode, both Jeremy and Kenn read articles from their personal blogs reflecting on the election and what's ahead for believers. We ...View Details

Samuel Sey's Blog: Contest! to win an ESV Study Bible... 1) Like our FaceBook page 2) Like th...View Details

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