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On this episode with talk with the Just Thinking Executive Producer and host of the BAR Podcast Dawain Atkinson. We talk about his theological develop...View Details

Mike Abendroth is a pastor, author, and radio show host ( We had him on to discuss a variety of issues.   https://dothe...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn continue the conversation they started last week about convictions vs preferences and exploring the issues of intentional childlessnes...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn work through a tricky conversation navigating the issue of how to know if you have a bonafide conviction or simply a preference.   Men...View Details

We had Nate Pickowicz on to talk about his book How to Eat Your Bible and what it's like to minister in post-Chrisitan New England Buy How to Eat Your...View Details

What do we do with issues that are hard to discern where they fit on the chart? In this episode, we specifically look at three issues and try to grapp...View Details

We had a great conversation with Bob Kauflin, the director of Sovereign Grace Music. Sovereign Grace Music has free chord charts and sheet music for h...View Details

Have you ever wondered about the "Seared Conscience"? What does the Bible say about how we ought to steward our conscience? Jeremy and Kenn break down...View Details

What a conversation we had with Matt Slick! Slick is the founder of and hosts Matt Slick Live, where he defends the faith and answers...View Details

When Should We Separate?

When are the appropriate times to separate from others, and how should we do that? Can the Chart help us navigate these issues?   Contact Us: show@dot...View Details

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