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When Should We Separate?

When are the appropriate times to separate from others, and how should we do that? Can the Chart help us navigate these issues?   Contact Us: show@dot...View Details

Carl joined us for a conversation about his latest and best-selling book "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self" which gives us an important underst...View Details

What makes someone a heretic or a false teacher? How can the chart help us answer that question?   Links from the episode: Details

We had a great conversation with Alisa Childers about how Progressive Christianity falls short. Alisa's website: Buy Another...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn made important adjustments to the chart and talk about how to use the chart in everyday life and why that is important. Access the cha...View Details

What a joy it was to host Ray Comfort for our season premiere! Ray Comfort is one of the world's most recognized evangelists, and he joined us to talk...View Details

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