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Samuel Sey's Blog: Contest! to win an ESV Study Bible... 1) Like our FaceBook page 2) Like th...View Details

In this episode we get down to the nitty-gritty on complementarian application. How has God designed male and female? Should the man always hold the d...View Details

Listen to our conversation with Andrew Rappaport about developing a disciples-making-disciples culture in a church, how to spot false teacher/teaching...View Details

Jeremy and Kenn discuss current events and then see what Martyn Lloyd-Jones' chart would have looked like back in his day (you might be surprised).  C...View Details

We had the pleasure of hosting Joel and Troy from the Revived Thoughts Podcast on our show. We had a great conversation about the crazy relationships ...View Details

We had a great interview with Toby Sumpter talking about why he prefers some Roman Catholic theologians over some protestant ones, if pink hair is ind...View Details

The Chart email us: Tweet us: @DoTheology Music: 2018 Stefan Kartenberg Licensed to the public...View Details

We had Justin Peters on the show! We talk repentance, the doctrines of grace, and what to do with music from sources like Bethel, Hillsong, and Elevat...View Details

Is it possible for two opposing views to both be valid? Can two different approaches to interpreting Scripture be equally legitimate? Jeremy and Kenn ...View Details

Josh Buice's Blog G3 Conference and Ministries       Music: 2018 Stefan Kartenberg Licensed to the public under Details

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